Virginia Williams

3:30 in the Morning Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Well well well well mm
Oh ho oh oh oh ho oh
Mm mm uh uh
Oh yeah
Oh yeah yea

Tell me why you trippin' out on me mm
Every time I want to hang out
You get mad at me
Why can't I do the things that I like to do mm
Why can't you put your trust in me
Like I put my trust in you
Even if I'm

Even if I'm out till 3:30 in the morning
I won't talk to no one, I'ma tell 'em about my honey
Even if the guys try to tip me with their money
I'ma let 'em know I'm dedicated to my honey

Why you want to argue with me, all the time?
Even when I'm out with my girls
You be on my mind
Why can't you sit down
And understand
That no matter where I be, or where I am
I let them know that you're my man, you're my man

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