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The Clique Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Yeah, I'ma ride or die for the clique
Boy I swear to god that I would die for this shit (that be Maaly Raw)

I'ma ride and die for the clique
Grind with my brothers 'til we make it out the sticks
You a broke nigga, prolly switch up for a bitch
I was in the game, you was sittin' on the bench
Chillin' with my woes like we came up from the six
I don't fuck with girls that be all up in the mix
Hear he sendin' threats and I ain't even hear the diss
I know I'm the one 'cause I got these niggas pissed
Make the shit look easy, I ain't have to make a wish

Ooh, do the dash in the whip
Got a .30 out like Curry, I just aim and I swish
Make her sing like a birdie, she take flights for the dick
Hit her with the long pipe, now she tryna have my kids
Ooh, lil' ho, I'm too legit
Caught up in this fast life, I don't ever wanna quit
You can save the sad stories, I ain't fallin' for that shit
I got diamonds, see me shinin', they all hittin', I don't miss
Ay, Maaly Raw, we made a hit
Now they see me out in public, run up on me, takin' flicks
Nigga pressed about his shorty, I ain't worried 'bout his bitch
Boy you better get some money 'fore you end up in a ditch
Hop in the coupe like oh, yeah
I turn on the radio, yeah
Baby just let me know, yeah
I wanna bank the roll, yeah
I want the guap, the green, yeah
I want the purp, the lean, yeah
She wanna top the team, yeah
That is a thot to me, yeah
I got a Glock, a beam
I live the life you dream
I had to do it myself
'Cause these niggas not for me
These bitches make believe
Play games like hide and seek
I'ma keep bein' myself

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