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Back to the Otherside Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Yeah, listen up son

It ain't easy growing up
In the age of this life where it seems that love ain't enough
And not knowing gets tough
All the rage and stride for your dreams could seem handcuffed
You feel bluffed by the masses
All these wanna be kings, wingdings, and jackasses
But time passes fast so keep your head up
Don't let go and know we all fuck up
Yeah, we all fuck up

So take my hand and I'll lead you back to the otherside
(To the otherside)
Get yourself into a better place and live your life
(Yeah, yeah)
Hold your head up high and don't rely on anyone else
(Don't rely on anyone else)
Take it easier on yourself, don't ask why

It's a gift this life, but still pragmatic
With no static, it seems some are so dramatic
You could stretch your wits but still can't grab it
Misfits like us they say can't have it
But it's a lie so don't buy the bullshit
Don't get high and sigh I can't deal with
This pain will make you a better man
And if you hold on son, one day you'll understand
One day you'll understand
Come on

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