Calling All Stations Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Calling all stations
Can anybody tell me, tell me exactly where I am
I've lost all sense of direction
Watching the darkness closing around me
Feeling the cold all through my body
That's why I'm calling all stations
In the hope that someone hears me
A single lonely voice

I feel the sensation disappearing
There's a tingling in my arms
And there's a numbness in my hands

All the broken promises
All my good intentions don't add up to very much
And I realise whatever happened, whatever happened
I remember all the moments that I've wasted in my life
All the things I was always gonna do
Why is it now when it's too late
That I've finally realised it's important to me
To think that everything that's dear to me
And is always in my heart
Could so easily be taken
And it's tearing me apart
Going over and over in my mind
I relive it one second at a time

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