Pray Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Disguising you never seen me
But for the wrath of my lyrical chi devastating capabilities
Strike mercilessly
Indoctrinated mind under total control
Acidic stranglehold to erode and
Destroy opposing foes
Thinking freeflows
Choreograph like ballets
Capable of disguising true purpose needs and intent
So swift
One thought could crumple the sham defenses
The degree of the stringent rhyme-fu master intense is
Flowing ideals of immense fortified understanding
Expressly demanding lyrical wildfire fanning
Senses so acute distinguished through objects and portals
Simpletons who are untrained we call identical and normal
Seen bandwidth through online zenith mandates
Hand turning fate will take your queen
Deliver checkmate
This mission
Most other mortals would just fuckin' fear but I accept the challenge
I fuckin' zealously adhere

[Hook, X1]
Pray upon your gods to bring you fertile ground and plentiful bounty
Just so you could hold a feast for him
While your stomach is still growling
Still howling at the moon
For release from the streets to which your doomed

Inclined destiny
Master design will unfold in due time
In the blueprints of my mind
Behind the blockade I'm confined

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