Infatuation Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

You played the field like a tractor
Scoped for greener pastures
But you never have scored
What you've never asked for

Met someone who made me glow
Passion was like crazy whoah
Doted on another though
So of course I let her go

Oh no my adrenal recipe's
Overloaded by phenylalanine
If it keeps on misdirecting me
Fuck it that's gonna mean vasectomy

And when the liquor pours it's
Set the table get the door
Wrestle naked hit the floor
But I don't seek that shit no more

It's different for me
Try to tell myself a different story
This alpha male recount-the-tale bullshit can just destroy me

'Cause what we say is what we seek
What we seek is what we get
What we get is what we give
I can't give you nothing yet



Take these words and turn them into lies
Serve me up with food that does not feed
Satiate my every last desire
Is this the thing I want or the thing I need

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