Alan Campbell

Sunset Boulevard Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Sure I came out here to make my name
Wanted my pool my dose of fame
Wanted my parking space at Warners
But after a year

Of one room hell
A Murphy bell
A rancid smell
Wallpaper peeling at the corners

Sunset Boulevard
Twisting boulevard
Secret of the rich
A little scary
Sunset Boulevard
Tempting boulevard
Waiting there to swallow the unwary

Dreams are not enough to win a war
Out here they're always keeping score
Beneath the tan
The battle rages
Smile a rented smile

Fill someone's glass
Kiss someone's wife
Kiss someone's ass
We do whatever pays the wages

Sunset Boulevard
Headline boulevard
Getting here is only the beginning
Sunset Boulevard
Jackpot boulevard
Once you've won, you have to go on winning

You think I've sold out
Damn right I've sold out
I've just been waiting
For the right offer

Comfortable quarters
Regular rations
Twenty four hour
Five star room service

And if I'm honest
I like the lady
I can't help being
Touched by her folly

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